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Echoed Emotion

Death of lust is a submission to rest. Twee resilience to the vortex of existence. Dullness seeps beneath your canvas. It absorbs the vibrance of your heart. Bleeding the sexual amor that you seek, until you are cold, still, dull. Your bed no longer warm, Nothing radiates between you. Crippled by anguish, your desire a … Continue reading

When death comes knockin’

  The phone rang, I was busy. The phone rang, I was still busy. The phone rang, I didn’t notice. The phone rang, I answered it. “The cancer has spread; the doctors aren’t going to do anything.” There is chaos but I am still. I hear silence but my thoughts scream. My breath abated, tears … Continue reading

A Notion Ascertained

written after a friend committed suicide, trying to understand her perspective. Pitting in my stomach, no one knows this pain You’ve banished my soul to hell Red ink spills from my veins, desire rings my death knell A notion ascertained. Heart adrift, eyes heavy Insomnia my lonely comrade, slowly ebbed away. Homeless in mortality, endless … Continue reading

Adulthood’s Crumpled Invitation.

Adulthood’s Crumpled Invitation.  Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, her foot jittered against the floor as she sat anxiously waiting. The clock stared at her, rhythmically singing, tick tock, tick tock. The people parallel to her coughed and spluttered with vigour. And in the corner a mother consoled her daughter as she expelled her breakfast into … Continue reading

Love is Weeping

There is pain I never knew, It is like a ripping in my heart, I don’t cry – I scream, It consumes my every part. Bi-polar was your nemesis, Like a scathing lion it devoured your soul,  Hunting you for years, Dragging you into its darkened hole. A tortured soul, You fought a valiant fight … Continue reading

Shackles of Time

In life you are constantly striving to be something or go somewhere, you forget to be thankful for the very second. It’s as though you’re constantly playing catch up with a clock, the only problem is time is of human creation and its you who dictates whether you are accountable to the weeks, days, hours, … Continue reading

Our Nation’s Heart

OUR NATION’S HEART Young and unstedy we went afar. We were never really ready for war’s eternal scar. Brothers, Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, They all went along. Through the blood, sweat and blisters They made our country strong. One world devided Our Nation united The land of Mates and Jonnys Australia’s heart ignited So today as … Continue reading

Travelling Toes

The voice of the world echos Calling me into the unknown My travelling toes carry me, away from the comforts of home. A world awaiting, rotating slowly Countless countries to explore My travelling toes carry me Through an open door Egyptian people left with nothing A Government that steals from the least My travelling toes … Continue reading

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