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Knives and spoons. Political lives.

Amanda Parkinson If the former leader of the Labor party, Julia Gillard, thought yesterday was tough, she might take comfort knowing this short sightedness will be superseded by a strong legacy. In the three years her government has held office they have watched a country be halted by floods, fires and cyclones. She has attended … Continue reading

Echoed Emotion

Death of lust is a submission to rest. Twee resilience to the vortex of existence. Dullness seeps beneath your canvas. It absorbs the vibrance of your heart. Bleeding the sexual amor that you seek, until you are cold, still, dull. Your bed no longer warm, Nothing radiates between you. Crippled by anguish, your desire a … Continue reading

Changing the face of queer society.

This will be an evolving post as I listen and research further but here is the start of an idea. A challenge. A thought. Please comment and add your own thoughts. It feels like there is a disconnect between queer environments which are liberating because they create an environment where queer intimacy is encouraged and … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye

There’s a part of my mind that echoes softly. Drifting between my conscience and sub conscience. It’s familiar and sweet. Nostalgic. It sings to me, sweetly repeating “it will be ok.” The warm rays of sunlight embrace me in your essence. The breeze tickles my long hair like your nails once did. But I sit … Continue reading

The price of homelessness

STORY AND PHOTO BY AMANDA PARKINSON (first published on Sydney Tafe Media) Twilight glistens across the city. Wind tumbles down Martin Place. Precious pearls and Armani coats are locked away, cosy and safe behind the glass of shop windows. Adorning the shops’ steps, beneath tattered blankets Sydney’s homeless sleep. Tonight 22,000 Australians will sleep rough. 220,000 Australians … Continue reading

Between the sheets with ACON

First published: By Amanda Parkinson Women often skim over the gory details of issues that lurk under the covers, but the reality is sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the rise. Statistics show genital herpes is the most common STI, affecting 1 in 6 Australian women. ACON is New South Wales’ sexual health promotion … Continue reading

Gay, straight or neither?

The constant misconception surrounding bisexuals is perpetuated by a fundamental prejudice that exists in both heterosexual and queer communities. Bisexuality is the sexual attraction to both men and woman yet often bisexuals are made to feel their sexual orientation is illegitimate by defamatory statements made out of ignorance. Within the LGBT community the line “bisexuals are just greedy,” or … Continue reading

When death comes knockin’

  The phone rang, I was busy. The phone rang, I was still busy. The phone rang, I didn’t notice. The phone rang, I answered it. “The cancer has spread; the doctors aren’t going to do anything.” There is chaos but I am still. I hear silence but my thoughts scream. My breath abated, tears … Continue reading

Stronger Futures for who?

By Amanda Parkinson The government has committed a further $5.2 billion in this year’s budget to its programs Close The Gap and Stronger Futures. Treasury claims the 13.5 billion committed over the next ten years will create safer communities and improve living standards for disadvantaged indigenous Australians.  In a statement released by the treasury’s office, the government … Continue reading

Close the Gap – Australia’s OWS

Close the Gap is a national initiative to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders standard of living, particularly health care. Today over 40 indigenous and non-indigenous organisations will unite in an effort to raise awareness about the deficit Australia’s indigenous community face. Close the Gap: Indigenous Health Campaign The campaign’s goal is to close the … Continue reading

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