The intolerance of religion – QLD Christians make absurd claims about gay marriage


Nadine: I USED to be a proud Queenslander, but tonight, the state of our government disgusts me!!! It has been the way for civilization for thousands of years but now all of a sudden we think we know what is best for humanity and the future generations!? Shame on you for not considering the implications this will have on ALL of society, not just a minority group!!!!!

Sye: The type of marriage your referring to has not been the norm always. Just look at king David – he had multiple wives! And was considered a great man of god. I really don’t see what the fuss is about. Gay marriage/civil unions are not bad.3 hours ago

Juan: Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Nadine: I have not made mention of religion as I understand this is not everybody’s revelation. Our government is run on a rollercoaster of emotion and hidden agenda, rather than the well-being and future of It’s people… This is a political fact. A religious debate will not achieve anything, but my personal belief and testament is that Jesus Christ came to pay the price and set me free from my sin (King David was a person like any other that has lived before him and after him, and we are all full of faults and not perfect in any way. God knows (literally) that I have my own faults)! I do not live my life according to any man regardless of how great he may have been or the success or faults he lived by, but according to my personal heavenly saviour and His word in the new testament. His living word defines me and this is the very reason I celebrate Christmas! My hope is that everyone realizes this freedom I have found in Him, but it is not the intention of my original post.

Caleb: And the massive pay rise the federal government have just announced this morning, what a joke!

Jeff: Another grab at increasing votes at our expense to pad there own pockets and political futures. The government has no interest in how deep they are burying this State all they are focused on is themselves and will use any means to maintain their own political agenda. We see Union action creeping back in we see the state and the country buried in debt again. When are we…. the true Australian public going to stand up and make the leaders of our states and country accountable for their actions. They say we are the lucky country……. but we have been influenced by the actions and peer pressures from other countries. We are Australians and we should be proud of it…. if not get out of our country now. We need people to have a big enough back bone to object to the immoral and declining values that we are having forced upon us. We need to be also accountable for our own actions. Our nation was built on Christian values and is being destroyed.

Liesl: Nadine, pardon my ignorance, I seem to have missed what happened yesterday with the Qld government?2

Nadine: I have been up since 4am compiling email contacts of labor MP’s to email them a personal plea as a parent before Saturday’s national labor conference in Sydney. Let me know if u wish to receive a copy of the spreadsheet. It is all available on their website but a bit tricky to access. James & I are quite passionate about ‘making a POSITIVE difference’ whereas our current gov’s slogan is just about ‘making a difference’. That could be for good, but for some unknown reason they keep opting for the bad it appears!?

Bridie: Well said Nadine! The gov only look out for their backsides! What happened to morals? Now it’s replaced with its ok, just use good judgement if that! The same goes for gay marriage, safe sex, divorce & drugs and they hide behind policies that make them look like they are doing the right thing when they are not. Good job to the ACL, Wendy Francis worked so hard for this.

Sam: What are the government going to do if in a few years time there’s a minority group who do bestiality… What we going to just allow them to marry too?? Greed and pride are the twins corrupting our government. Can’t imagine how the soldiers who fought to keep this nation free would feel about this crap happening. And yet in spite of all this blasphemy God still loves every single person. Amazing. 🙂

Nadine: That’s true love! ♥

Tim: Political ploy by labor.

Bridie: They’ve opened a can of worms they didn’t want to open…child marriage, group marriages, arranged marriages…and the list goes on…these minority groups will fight it in the name of marriage equality…


As a young gay girl, I am always careful about how I portray my sexuality. It is not a huge part of me, for I am a writer, a lover, a fierce netball player, an activist, a friend, a daughter, a student and many other things, but yes I am also gay. I don’t dress in skinny jeans, have short hair, wear flannos or lead a promiscuous life.  In fact for the majority of my 24 year life I have been Christian – I went to catholic schools, attended church on Sunday’s, bible studies during the week and youth groups on weekends. It wasn’t until I travelled and lived overseas I saw restrictions in my own beliefs, I was not accepting of everyone – in fact I found I was far more judgemental. Today, I still believe in God, I certainly believe in the principles of love, meekness, humility, joy, grace, hope and tolerance, but I chose to not ignore the fact I am gay.

These messages above imply that my sexuality makes me less loved by God, immoral – in some cases implies same sex love is on par with bestiality and pedophilia. Why should love be defined by this Christian minority group? Why can love not encompass all humans, my understanding is that God loves us all? The real issue with what is written above is the absolute misinterpretation of their faith. They claim God is the only one to judge – yet their scorn and judgement isolate and anger all of those amongst the gay community. The point of Christianity is to create a moral, inclusive environment based on the fundamentals of love.

People like these are the reason people in gay communities commit suicide, feel alone, and are labelled as ‘freaks’. They imply divorce rates will grow but are they not aware in every country worldwide divorce rates among gay couples are the lowest relative percentage? They talk about sin but the hypocrisy of their philosophy makes me wonder if they should not start with their own homes. Possibly the best way forwards is for me to unconditionally love them back?

Despite these friends on facebook, I am fortunate enough to have some wonderful friends who are also Christian. After many discussions I too don’t agree the Marriage Act should be amended to ‘marriage’. I respect that in current society marriage has become a term associated with religion (even if this was not it’s origins) – but in being the bigger person I say let them keep it. Let us re-educate society about the importance of civil union, the strength of it, the significance. In time it will encompass the same foundations and understanding of the word ‘marriage,’ but for now small steps. This is exactly what the QLD government have done today and for that I commend them.



7 thoughts on “The intolerance of religion – QLD Christians make absurd claims about gay marriage

  1. I agree with what you say Amanda, a very well written article.

    Its strange how this issue seems to cause so much friction between those that support and those against, If someone wants to devote their life to a person (Woman or Man) who am I to stop them?

    The argument that its “against the sanctity of marriage” well it is no different to a Woman marrying a Man and it ends in 3 months time as they weren’t supposed to be together, relationships end, so what?
    Its not an argument against Gay marriage, if we didnt move forward in life we would still be riding hourses around town, and no one wants that…

    Posted by Sam_Grains | December 1, 2011, 12:32 am
  2. Re: Marriage being associated with religion. Yes this is true, but there’s a HUGE number of straight couples getting ‘married’ in which the union has nothing to do with religion – why should they be called ‘married’?

    There’s two solutions:

    1) Make marriage a union available for homosexual couples.

    2) Change the default ‘marriage status’ to Civil Union and force all straight couples to be ‘Unioned’ first, then if they want a ‘Marriage’, go to their respective religious institute and get one, but it will have no legal recognition.

    Either way, get religion out of the default status that is applicable to everyone – it has no place there.

    Posted by Dale Napier | December 1, 2011, 1:52 am
    • Damn right. I am atheist and if I was to get married, at no point would I do it in a church or make it in any way religious. So why am I allowed to do this? Because I’m straight? That is so, so dumb. Either make marriage solely for the religious, or make it for everyone. It seems so simple!

      Posted by Ruby Velour | December 1, 2011, 3:50 am
  3. I agree with Dale, there are far too many heterosexual couples that do not have any religious affiliation considered “married”. The term marriage has been appropriated over time to include all male / female couples regardless of their personal beliefs. Either ALL couples have the right to get “married” or you do as Dale says and have everyone who does not get married by a church termed “united”.

    If we were do use this notion as a basis for determining who is “married” and who is “united” I pose this question to you – which religion /religions do we consider worthy of the status in our society? Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and Reformed, Orthodox, Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Oriental Orthodox? Are they the only religions worthy of the ability to “marry” two heterosexual individuals or do we include Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and who knows how many other religions people around the world affiliate to? If homosexual couples shouldn’t be able to get “married” then does that mean that unless someone belongs to the socially accepted religious organization that no one else can get “married” regardless of whether or not they were a heterosexual or homosexual couple or what religious affiliation they have?

    Our understanding of marriage should not be so narrow that we cannot include homosexual couples under the banner, after all our definition of marriage has evolved throughout time. The notion that there is a blueprint of what a marriage should be and that it hasn’t changed at all in thousands of years is ridiculous!

    For those of you who are concerned that this will open the door to marriages between humans and animals, child marriages and arranged marriages I ask you to really think about what you’re saying. We have not jumped so far that we are contemplating interspecies marriage, we are asking that two consenting adults have the right to get married regardless of their sexual orientation. Would that really hurt?

    Posted by Jess | December 1, 2011, 4:03 am
  4. It’s funny that you stand for equality, however the laws that are changing and evolving actually mean that Christian churches will be forced into marrying same sex couples and can be sued if they refuse for discrimination, they also won’t be able to even hold services and preach from their bibles as it will be discriminatory. How is that equality and fairness? It is simply creating a more forceful discrimination for a majority group.

    Posted by Millie | December 2, 2011, 12:41 pm
    • I cannot even begin to tell you how stupid you are. Have you not read the points above that marriage is also a SECULAR legally recognised status that has NOTHING to do with being in a church. Open your eyes moron.

      Posted by Dale Napier | December 2, 2011, 1:49 pm
    • I don’t think you are stupid or ridiculous – just completely factually inaccurate and misinformed. Here is the link to the Bill – It actually doesn’t have any clause that forces churches into anything. Under the private enterprise act which churches and NGOs fall under you aren’t subject to the same societal laws as the individual therefore you cannot be sued for discrimination on the basis you claim. As for a majority group practicing Christianity is a minority group within Australia. According to the most recent statistics within ABS the majority group in Australia is Atheist – I guess this is why the most recent polls show that 67% of Australians strongly agree with changing the Marriage Act.

      Posted by idunnonews | December 2, 2011, 3:30 pm

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