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A Notion Ascertained

written after a friend committed suicide, trying to understand her perspective.

Pitting in my stomach, no one knows this pain

You’ve banished my soul to hell

Red ink spills from my veins,

desire rings my death knell

A notion ascertained.

Heart adrift, eyes heavy

Insomnia my lonely comrade, slowly ebbed away.

Homeless in mortality, endless night is nay

Ecstasy, my euphoria

Tranquil death, I lay.



One thought on “A Notion Ascertained

  1. The notion of “tranquil death” gives a peaceful end to this provocative piece. It’s so incredibly sad how many young Australians know someone who has committed suicide. The statistics speak for themselves. I always wonder what has changed in life to make this such a huge contributor to youth mortality these days.

    Posted by lakeview | June 17, 2011, 7:27 am

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