Andrew Patterson – Music That Makes You

Australian Sex Party member Andrew Patterson, talks about his eclectic music collection, revealing his guilty pleasures and the music that makes him.

Q1. What is the most played song on your iPod
1. Very Tough competition here, but the winner is: “Avec le Temps”, by Patricia Kass (French Singer).

Q2. What is your one music guilty pleasure – that song or artist you love but would hate to admit?
2. My biggest pleasure musically is ELO, but I am always happy to admit that. The one I would have to whisper guiltily would have to be ABBA.

Q3. What was the song you played over and over after your first ever break up?
3. Easy here, “Dance Away”, by Roxy Music. I have never forgotten it despite the years.

Q4. What song would you choose to reflect the missions/ideals of the Aust. Sex Party?
4. So many, but my choice is, “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”, by Lou Reed, from one of my favourite albums of all time.

Q5. Finally, what song do you think captures the Australian Spirit?
5. Again so many, I’m going with “Flame Trees”, by Cold Chisel, although my iPod is always playing the Sarah Blasko cover version.



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